A story about Cornbread…

This blog is dedicated to my mother Mary Agnes Weed Wilson and the woman who taught her to cook Southern Traditional Cuisine, my grandmother Rosa White Wilson. My father grew up on a farm in rural Louisiana. Most all of the food you had at that time was grown on the farm or traded with neighbors. Granny and Papa Wilson had it all together! ~ They had a sweet little farm and six children and eventually 23 of us grandchildren. Growing up just down the highway from them I had the advantage of learning a lot personally about the cooking and culture of the meals we would share.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were special because nearly all of us would be together at home near the farm. My Granny Wilson would cook for days with help from all the aunts and girls. The chest freezer would be covered in pies, cookies, cakes and hard candy made especially for the occasion. Then as the day approached, the real work would begin! Turkey and Hams and all manner of casseroles, vegetable dishes and, of course, cornbread.

Cornbread was the second dish I learned to make, after white rice. I learned from Mama and Granny Wilson how to make sure all the elements were in place to produce a crispy exterior and a soft interior that was just right.

I took it from there as I moved to New Orleans and lived with a chef. He taught me even more about how Southern Cuisine was its own particular animal. He taught me the what and the why behind all of the things that we do. Then I began adjusting the recipes to match my changing lifestyle as I became a part of vegetarian culture in Northern California.

In this blog I will share recipes and the culture that goes along with them, from Southern recipes and culture to the organic vegetarian recipes and culture I have experienced in Northern California. I hope you find it entertaining and delicious!

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