Southern Cuisine takes on Vegan Variations

So much of my life has been about transformation. When I left the little Arkansas town I grew up in to go back to Louisiana, to New Orleans, the first major transformation began. Living with a group of chefs who loved to cook and live and find deeper ways to enjoy. That meant sourcing organic vegetables and fresh seafood and sharing their techniques to teach me traditional food their way. I learned a great deal from my mother, grandmother and aunts but it truly crystallized when I worked with these chefs.


More to Come

As I pursued a career in the health and wellness I began to adapt these traditional offerings into vegan versions. They took on a life of their own and are now among some of my most requested recipes. Don't worry y'all, there is a cookbook to come!


Susie Jane Wilson

Writer and Cook

Susie Jane writes and works and lives in San Francisco. She currently curates VIP experiences and travels when she is not cooking for her friends and family.

Stay Tuned!

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