Thanksgiving with Friends was Fun!


Home now from the parties and the gatherings. It’s fun to go and fun to come home, cuddle up on the couch to watch Netflix and have some leftover turkey and dressing. I am grateful for my family and for my friends.

This year was spent with a dear close buddy and her family in the South Bay. We drove down Highway 101 and into the horse country surrounding San Jose. It is serene there and looks and feels like Tuscany.

We were plied with champagne and wine and enjoyed the excellent Greek platter that my buddy provided. I especially enjoyed her spicy lentil salad. Then came more wine and a perfectly roasted turkey, sausage dressing, brussel sprouts, parsnips, two kinds of potatoes and green bean casserole. I had that experience of putting a little bit of everything on my plate, but of course it was too much! Dinner was a leisurely affair followed by coffee and then desserts. We had pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie. I tried them all but liked the pecan pie best. It had a puff pastry crust of many layers which I will have to experiment around on. Look for a variation on that recipe posted soon!

Later, we drove back up the bay to the gorgeous edges of the North Bay. As I watched the rowers glide by from my buddy’s deck and enjoyed the cool breeze I felt at peace and also felt full and deeply appreciative of all I have. Sending the best to you and yours for this holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with Friends was Fun!”

  1. Hello sister mine! Catching up on your blogs. Such a lovely description of your Thanksgiving this year. I always miss you when we aren’t together but I’m so happy to share the experience with you vicariously through the blog. I love you!

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